a month in photos - march edition


Hello, and welcome to the new Teenfolk! These past few months have been absolutely hectic, so a week off for spring break was nothing short of a little slice of paradise. Finally, time to relax with my laptop, watch more than just a handful of movies, and maybe indulge myself with lots of bubble tea.

After a constant cycle of school work and the fast-paced change that comes with it, I felt that this blog seemed a bit stagnant in comparison and needed a little revamp as well. I've been putting this task off for a long time now, but here it is! New theme, new header, and a newly refined focus. Please leave a comment below, I always love hearing your input :-)

After I finish this rather lengthy introduction, I hope to steer this blog towards a more photo-based site. While I do love writing, cutting down in the word-age will definitely help me post more often, and open up more time for me to spend on taking better photos. So, to start things off, I thought I'd start a new series called 'A Month in Photos'. Enjoy!

1. On the Road Again Tour - one of the most amazing nights, I feel so privileged to have seen the boys live! It's been a long way since 2011 and the video diary days, so seeing 1D live was basically a dream come true. (P.S. Best of luck to Zayn and the boys moving forward!)

2. Quick coffee break after an afternoon at a museum with the family

3. Recently, we got a new blender so making smoothies is one of my latest obsessions. Let me know if you'd like to see a post of my favorite smoothie recipes! 

4. Bruch with my friends Anna and Seoyeon @ Wild Honey, followed by Insurgent. *swoons*

5. Part 1 of my Holland Village foodie escapades with my friend Lauren! Taken at D'Good Cafe - if you have the chance to stop by, the Matcha Lava Cake is a must

6. First time at Project Acai, and I'm already converted. Afternoon pick-me-up in a bowl!

7. Last leg of the HV food adventure - Sunday Folks. Best waffles in town - we ordered Earl Grey Lavender ice cream with waffles

8. Cleaned out the desk - finally! Hopefully a clean desk will mean a clean mind for all the studying that is still to be done before AP exams

9. Another gallery visit featuring a local watercolor artist

That's it for today's post! Coming up is a more detailed post on my food adventures around Singapore, so look out for that :-) Thank you all for your support xx

- Justine

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  1. Ah I like this series! It looks very fun and i think it's definitely a great way to help you get back into posting things. You seem to have had a really good month, all you're pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much! I plan to keep this series going year round so I hope everyone likes it :-)

  2. omg, that banana yogurt concoction looks absolutely delectable!! :)
    great photos, justine! they're all so inspiring xx

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!

    1. It was too good! Thank you Kelly, everything about your blog is amazing! I especially loved your recent donut post :))

  3. Awesome idea for a post;) Loved it.

  4. You seemed to have had an awesome month, and lots of yummy food hehe :D Nice photos, and will be looking forward to this months post :) ♡