+ General + 

Where can I contact you?
justineblogspot@gmail.com or through my tumblr (links in the 'About Me' box)

Is any of the content sponsored?
None of the content on this site is sponsored. However, if any future material on this site is, I'll let you know!

How long have you had this blog?
I started this blog on June 12th, 2014 x

+ Photography + 

Do you have an instagram?
Yes, but it's private x 

What camera do you use to take your blog photos?
I use a Canon EOS 600D. Occasionally, I also use my iPhone 5s. If edited, I most likely used Photoshop or VSCO cam - you can check out my profile here.

What are flatlays and how do you take yours?
A 'flatlay' is a relatively new photography trend (mostly used for Instagram photos - search #flatlay); to take mine, I normally use my desk, white bedsheets, or white matte board for the background, and my regular DSLR with the aid of a tripod. 

Are these photos your own?
Yes! Unless stated otherwise, all are taken by me or a friend/family member.

+ Style + 

How would you describe your style?

Minimal. I'm also a huge art junkie, and I love mixed media and graphic design! Hopefully I can incorporate and develop my style through this blog.

Where do you shop?

My favorite stores are Zara, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius, Topshop and COS.