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The blogger hiatus is officially over *claps for self*

Hi everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts but last month, I officially started school again and as always, it's been more than just a little hectic.

But thank you for sticking around and for all your support, it's always lovely getting messages from you!

This Thursday was the official start of a long-awaited four day weekend, and for the first time in a long time, I was able to sleep in, wake up at 6:00, look at my watch, and go back to sleep for another 3 hours. 

Today's post features an amazing restaurant/cafe/coffee shop all-in-one. Surrounded by lush greenery, HOUSE at Dempsey Hill serves everyone's favorite comfort foods, from classic American sliders to roast chicken with mashed potatoes. I met up with three friends to celebrate getting through our first month of 10th grade, and just to eat and shop as always :-)

The iced latte is highly recommended! It was perfect for a typical day in Singapore, because as much as I love the sun, it can get extremely hot and humid. 

Thank you for stopping by! Sorry for the short post, but I hope you enjoyed it; feel free to comment as well! The next post will either be another style focus or an overview of what I've been up to since July. Don't forget to check it out :-) 

- Justine

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  1. Finally, a new post! I missed them! haha. Your pictures are stunning and the gif is awsome! I'm looking forward to your future posts! :D

  2. It's hard to balance school work with blogging..:'(
    I just chanced upon your blog, and I love your posts so so much! :D;D
    Do keep posting, because I'm looking forward to them too:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart