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Winter break - the season of candle-lighting, hot chocolate-drinking, and traveling. (With, of course, a lot of extra sleep to recover from the stresses of final exams.) This year, my family and I spent our vacation in Hong Kong, a quick four hour flight away from Singapore.

Day 1

A thick layer of clouds
The majority of the first day was your average traveler's routine - head for the airport, browse the products at Duty Free, board the plane, watch a couple of movies (like the amazing Mazerunner film) and take a couple of plane pics, before finally reaching your destination. 

The real highlight of my first day in Hong Kong was the night market! The one we visited was located at Fa Yuen street, and the entire stretch was lined with a multitude of little stalls offering shoppers with a wide selection phone cases, backpacks, shoes, and the likes. In the end, I was able to purchase a new set of pajamas, a backpack for traveling and a cream-colored boo, all with some bargaining.

The overall vibe of the market was incredible; standing on the walkways, I could feel the pulse of the streets beneath me (and it was a great photo spot). Hong Kong definitely has its own identity; from the array of overhanging neon signs to the tall, boxy apartments, I very much enjoyed my travels to this country. 

Another highlight of the day was trying peking duck for the first time! Despite living in Asia, I've never tried the dish, but it turns out it's super yummy :-)

Note: major lack of food pics; like any other starving traveler, plane food was not enough to sustain me after a long day's worth of journeying, so I ditched the camera for a pair of chopsticks.

Today's Outfit

Topshop Cozy Pullover
Striped Tee (from the Philippines)
Uniqlo Black Ankle Jeans
White Converse (All-Stars)

Photos taken using Canon EOS 600D

Day 2 

This was our first full day in Hong Kong, and the morning was definitely laid-back; a local food blogger had reviewed a popular cafe named Simplylife, so we thought we'd try it out! Although it was located inside a mall, the furniture, hanging planters and wide space definitely made up for it's unconventional location.

I ordered a brunch set that came with mushroom soup, eggs benedict and iced tea :-) Portion sizes were very generous and for the amount of food that was offered, the meal was definitely worth it. 

Featured: Blouse, Editor's Market // Cream Pullover, Muji // Coat, Jeans and Shoes, Zara // Shoulder Bag, Coach

Christmas-colored rush hour!

Photos taken on Canon EOS 600D

Today's Outfit - see caption!

We spent the rest of the day strolling around the harbors, soaking up the lovely chilly weather unknown to Singapore (I even got to wear a coat!!) One of the shopping centers nearby included a rooftop garden, so my family and I enjoyed sitting a few stories above street level, taking in the Hong Kong skyline. We ended the day by returning to one of our favorite restaurants and embracing the lovely local cuisine.

Not as much shopping was managed today, but we did find a See's Candy store and couldn't help but purchase a box of chocolates and an assortment of hard candy (which I happen to be eating right now in the comforts of some sweat pants). Definitely feeling some post-trip depression, Hong Kong is an amazing country and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to go back.

Days 3-5 coming soon! Hope you enjoyed this lengthy post, and as always, feel free to comment or just say hi! :)
AND HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE TO ALL! 2015 is just 3 hours away for me, and I'm wishing everyone the best year yet xx

(So...a brief update)

Apologies and a massive thank you for those who've been patient and continued keeping up with my blog despite the two-month no show! Part of my new year's resolution is to post at least once per month, so I'll do my best to keep up. I'll spare you the details, but school has been a blogger's nightmare - endless hours of homework, long line-ups of tests and the works, keeping me far, FAR away from most form of social media (excluding mini Instagram speed-scroll sessions). 

Again, thank you all so much for reading, and have an amazing year (it'll be a great one!)

- Justine

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  1. Wow! amazing photos Justine. I love Hong Kong so much, hope I can visit again soon! x

    1. Thank you again Cory! It's a wonderful city, I do hope you get the chance to go back very soon! :-)