travel journal - hong kong days 4-5


Day 4 

My fourth and last complete day in Hong Kong was an ode to my childhood, for I returned to the happiest place on Earth - Disney Land. Located on Lantau island, it takes a 30-40 minute train ride coming from Mong Kok and a quick transfer onto the Disney Resort Line.

As proven several times, the inner child in me is still very much alive; here are some highlights from my Disneyland Experience!

1. Ride Space Mountain (three times, may I include), the source of all my childhood fear
2. Use the selfie stick in public (oops)
3. RC Racer!
4. Possibly shed a tear as we left the park

I'll try keep the post short and sweet today! Hope you enjoy the photos xx

I may have a slight obsession with the pink floor.
Shoes and pants, Zara // Puffer jacket, Uniqlo // Sweater, Forever 21

Slight shortage of Disneyland photos as my phone ran out of battery within an hour of entering the park. (note to self: bring portable charger)

Day 5

We have come to the conclusion of my short adventures in Hong Kong! It's been my third time traveling to this wonderful country, and it never disappoints! To begin this last morning, we had brunch at a cafe to fill up before heading for the airport. Long queues gave us the impression Urban Cafe Commune was worth stopping by, and I believe the following photos and multiple 'mmmm' moments can attest to that. 

"Call __________ for a good time" ;-)
Burger with a Korean twist, herb crusted roast chicken, coffee, and iced peach tea - this is the life.

And that wraps up my trip in Hong Kong! Thank you for reading, and I hope 2015 brings new adventures for you all. Please feel free to comment! :-) As promised, my next post will be something a bit different, so hopefully you enjoy that as well. 

- Justine

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  1. Looks like a so nice trip. xa