travel journal - hong hong day 3


And so, the journey continues!

(Although, I admit, I faced a sure battle with the hotel bed this norming - I eventually won and resisted the urge to fall into another two hours of sleep *pats self on back*)

Today, we hopped aboard a double-decker en-route to Stanley, a quaint seaside town tucked away from the crowds of city life. Stanley's markets are, arguably, what transformed this small town into a popular tourist attraction, and I was ready to do some exploring. Armed with my leftover shopping money and a camera, I was prepared to bargain the day away whilst stopping occasionally to take photos of Hong Kong's southern coastline.

Sitting on the open deck of the bus, it was evident that Hong Kong was encountering some mild winter chill. Hats were put on children's heads, coats were zipped and hands were tucked into pockets, but the ride was very pleasant :-)

Slight cringe at the amount of selfie sticks that were present. The users can be (slightly) excused as we were, after all, a large group of tourists on top a bus traveling over bumpy roads. 

When you get the chance to visit Hong Kong, I'd highly recommend taking a bus tour to Stanley! It is pricier than taking a cab, but much more worth it; if you get the chance to sit on the second story of the bus, the hillside views are absolutely stunning. Normally, my family and I tend to prefer exploring the streets ourselves without the aid of public transportation, but seeing as Stanley is a sizeable distance away from the main city, my recommended form of transport is this bus!

The photograph above was taken as we passed by Repulse Bay, another tourist attraction located on the southern coast of Hong Kong island. You can tell it was a foggy day when we went, but a trip to this hidden gem definitely seems worthwhile. 

Finally arrived at Stanley! Weather conditions were optimal; sunny skies, windy weather, and enough clouds just to keep from squinting. We spent the first part of our excursion along the boardwalk, soaking in some fresh air. 

The coast was lined with long rows of cafes, bars and restaurants, and the temptation was too much. #hangryjustine Despite spending an hour sitting down on the bus, we decided to spend the next hour sitting down again, this time eating at Pizza Express. First time trying out the food here, and it was great! We ordered Margarita and Parma pizzas, and two types of pastas - one with fresh mushrooms and truffle oil, and other other with a white wine and cream sauce, chunks of Italian sausage and a rosemary garnish. Price was great, service was great, but definitely time to hit the gym again.

Aaand finally, we headed for the market!

Quick flashback to the bus ride, selfie sticks, and cringing episode earlier this morning, and you'll find it ironic that the first thing my family bought was (you guessed it) a selfie stick. Is my dad converted? Yes. Am I converted? Eh. I hate to admit it, but the selfie stick is kind of growing on me. 

Besides the selfie stick, we also purchased three scarves (for 100 HKD might I add!!! Amazed at how affordable they were), a new work backpack for my dad, souvenir shirts for my grandpa, bag tags, etc. I have been very skeptical of buying fake bags but the sight of a fake Burberry backpack had me reconsidering. In the end, I stayed strong and walked straight ahead.  

Featured: Top and Jeans, Zara // Scarf, thrifted // Puffer jacket, Uniqlo // Shoes, Converse // Boo, HK market (see previous post!!) // Canvas bag, American Apparel

And that concludes the third day of my Hong Kong adventures! I was meaning to post days three to five together, but with the amount of photos I've collected and the content I'd like to include, the post would have dragged out too much. I hope you enjoy today's post though! (Also, this is the first post of 2015!! So excited to see how the rest of the year unfolds.)

Before recapping the last two days of my trip, I might to a quick blogpost on all the things I've loved throughout the year of 2014 whilst having a go at flatlays. Let me know what you think! I must give credit where it is due, and the inspiration for came from an amazing individual and her lovely blog. I've been reading Kim Jones' blog recently and I thoroughly enjoyed the post in which she experiments with flatlays

Thank you so much for reading, for your lovely comments and support, and I'll see you in the next post xx 

- Justine

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  1. STANLEY MARKET <3 <3 <3 OMG!!! I'm so jealous haha

    1. ohh and you're back !!! :-) YASSSS

    2. Hey Peter! Glad to be back :~) Hope you post something soon as well! x And yes, Stanley market was tons of fun!!

  2. YOU'RE IN HONG KONG! D; I hope you are enjoying your trip! You're pictures came out lovely! I'm excited for your future posts for 2015!

    1. Thank you so much! The same goes for you, can't wait to read future blogposts! :)

  3. Hong Kong looks great and I hope you had an amazing trip! Your photos are on point as well.

    1. Thank youu Isabella! :-) You are on point xx