On Tuesday, I ate brunch with my friend Nitya, who's sadly moving to the States (cries forever). We shared a wholesome crepe at a farmers market-esque restaurant, and headed off to shopping along Singapore's popular Orchard Road!

Featured: The Editor's Market

Located amongst the hundreds of stores @ Orchard Road, The Editor’s Market is home to a plethora of brands, and I was a huge fan of their new collection. 
While it does not have the most sophisticated facade, the exposed ceiling provides customers with a contemporary edge, complementing their selection of clothing.

I came away with this simple white blouse, decorated with a navy blue and white trim along the collar and sleeves. I really liked the minimalist detailing, and it wasn't too pricey (which is a HUGE plus for me). I was eyeing this black leather platform sandal in their new shoe department, so I'll be heading back soon to try them on. 

By the time I got home, the shirt was all crumpled (whoops)

That's it for today!

Check out the Editor's Market website here

Today's Outfit

Zara Graphic Tee
Black Skinnies (Brand Unknown)
Loafers (Brand Unknown)
Zara Structured Shoulder Bag

We ended the day with a trip to Cold Stone, where we ranted about life and enjoyed the sad music blasting in the background. Chocolate ice cream makes everything a little better huh?

- Justine

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