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Today, I headed back to Orchard to meet up with three of my close friends to eat lunch at one of my favorite cafes! Known for its charm and delicious comfort food, PS Cafe has been one of my favorite places to go to enjoy hearty sandwiches, pastas, and breakfast-style courses. 

Check out their website here!

Today, I'm wearing my new top from Editor's Market 
(Photo credit to the pal Sandy for the photo - HI SANDY!)

My lunch! I enjoyed poached eggs served atop English muffins, along with Serano ham, Brie cheese and a generous serving of a light Hollandaise sauce. (There was also a fresh arugula salad and tomatoes on the side)
Every trip to PS Cafe features my all-time favorite, truffle shoestring fries :-) I thought we weren't going to finish them but....
My friend Pakhi (wearing a pretty summer aqua blue tank top) ordered a green pasta :-)
Sandy ordered a hearty mushroom and cheese sandwich, topped with a mini salad. I loved the blouse she was wearing! It was a pretty lace tee that really suit her; she paired them with some comfy black yoga pants since we were going to be going a lot of walking post-lunch.

Anissa enjoyed the classic French sandwich, 'croque madame' :-) (can you tell we were hungry?) She sported a navy blue sweater and jeans, paired with a sleek red wallet and worn Converse for an edgy look

It was a great lunch! However, I do have to admit it was quite pricey - we spent (on average) S$30 per person, but the quality was still great, and it was really filling :-)

There was an amazing pleated maxi skirt that I wanted to buy, but I didn't bring enough money, and lunch was pretty expensive ^___^ 

However, I do believe there was a deal where students who went with a friend were qualified to receive a 20% discount if they presented their student card. So, if you're a student living in Singapore and you like Topshop, I think this is a killer deal! (This was the ION branch)

Monochrome rack in Editor's Market (We went back because my friend was looking for a cute cropped blouse for the summer)

Quick Starbucks dash :-) I ordered my regular - tall Java Chip w/o whip :-)

Amazing day, despite it being Friday the 13th! Looking forward to going back to Topshop for that skirt once I've saved up. 
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Today's Outfit

Editor's Market Top

Zara Ripped Skinnies
Pull and Bear Leather Sandals
Zara Structured Shoulder Bag
H&M Geometric Ring
Minimalist Bracelet (from Mum!)

- Justine

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  1. Hey, Justine! I just found your blog and it's absolutely lovely. It seems like you've had a really fun day. Great photos, by the way!

    1. thank you so much Isabella! welcome back from your hiatus :-) can't wait to read more from you and the team of writers at Electric Mag!

  2. i live in sg too! do you know how long that topshop promo lasts? :) post more too please!!!!

    1. Hey! I'm not sure, sorry about that c: but yes ofc, more posts will be up soon!

  3. I love it! What camera do you use Justine? I love your photos!

    1. Thank you Cory! I use a Canon EOS 600D xx

  4. thanks for taking these pics, they're awesome!!

    1. no problem paks! glad you liked them ^____^