Welcome to my blogspot! I thought I’d start one to busy myself during the two and a half month long summer hols, and to share some bits and bobs of my regular teenage life with you internet folk.

So, brief introductions: My name’s Justine, and I am a 14-going-on-15 year old (just one more month!). A classic example of a third culture kid, I am proudly Filipino, but I live in Singapore, enjoying the American international school environment and the cultural vibe the little red dot has to offer. Like most teenagers, you’ll find me sitting at my desk enjoying the great indoors, blogging at my computer and drinking chai lattes. Myself being a wild enthusiast for fashion and art, this blogspot will be dedicated to all things style/art/food/photography related, through the lens of your day to day adolescent. 

Enjoy! Feel free to leave a message or chat with me x

- Justine

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