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Featured: The Clifford Pier
My brother's godmother has arrived in Singapore! (Hi Ninang ^-^) To celebrate, we decided to eat lunch at Singapore's The Clifford Pier, a renovated jetty located in Fullerton Bay. 

The ambiance was delightful! It was all very fancy shmancy, and I felt like I was somewhere in Europe rather than Singapore. Windows were located on almost all the sides of the building, so it was very well-lit :-)

Oh, before I forget, my camera wasn't working very well today (#PrayForJustine'sCamera), so some of the photos may be over-exposed - apologies in advanced! Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy today's post! xxx

Ohmygoodness even just seeing the pictures makes me miss the place; the chairs were insanely comfortable and the entire restaurant was well-decorated

The restaurant features Singapore's signature hawker favorites, revamped. They also have dishes from international cuisines in to appeal to a wider audience of diners

There was a sprinkle of European decor everywhere :") I literally panicked at the sight of so many cute things scattered throughout the building
Hooray for orchids! They're one of my favorite flowers, and since we live in Singapore, you can find them everywhere

Hi mum! I liked your outfit today, please let me steal borrow your necklace sometime!

Singaporean-style chips (I think that's what I'll call them?) 

We ordered a tasting platter, so to avoid boring you with long descriptions, I'll just say that they were delicious and that if you ever come to the Clifford Pier, you should order this! 

Little brother ordered fish and chips :-) 

Mum and my brother's godmother ordered Nasi Goreng, if I can recall the name properly

Wow! Black and white picture of my lunch! I enjoyed an extremely large platter of herb-crusted roast chicken. I was even more extremely proud of myself when I finished it all.

Justine - 1
XXL Dish of Chicken - 0

In case you wanted to see what I look like, then here are two blurry pictures of myself and my little brother. Apologies, I was going to do a few pictures of my outfit for the day, but the pictures came out too blurry so I decided not to include them.

However, I did do a lot of shopping this week, so let me know if you'd like to see what I got! 

After our amazingly-super-incredible-out-of-this-planet-delicious lunch (I ran out of words), we went off to do what all other tourists do in Singapore - shop!

But who am I kidding, tourist or not, shopping in Singapore is so much fun and pretty much inevitable.

I got a new pair of platform sandals from Charles and Keith for my upcoming birthday! Can't wait to wear them, I'm uber ecstatic.

We strolled around Wheelock, ION, Wisma Atria, Takashimaya, Isetan, and went all the way back around to Wheelock to enjoyed a well deserved tea time snack after all that hardcore walking :-)

Featured: Maison Kaiser

(and in case anyone was wondering, I think it is pronounced mah-sohn kai-sehr) 

Tea time was bigger than expected! We received a three tier tower featuring quiches, bruschetta, tarts, eclairs, cookies, and so forth. Turned out to be perfect sharing for four!

Again, sorry for the quality of some of these photos! x Hope you liked the post :-) As always, feel free to comment! I might be free this week, so I'll take photos of what I've bought recently and make a post xx

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- Justine

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  1. Such a pretty restuarant! I should have found your blog before i went to sg :(

    1. it was amazing! i hope you get the chance to come back and visit the place, you'll really enjoy :) xx