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Featured: Tiong Bahru Bakery

Saturday morning was definitely well-spent! My family and I decided to go to one of our favorite neighbourhood joints, Tiong Bahru Bakery. It's nestled in a very laid-back sector of Singapore, jammed packed with hungry individuals excited to have a taste of their French delicacies. 

I was extremely tempted to order one of their decadent desserts! ^___^

Singapore is perpetually hot and humid, so I slightly regret wearing long trousers. (Team #SufferForStyle) However, my pair of Zara mint green jeans are so comfortable, I thought it would suit a striped tee for a simple brunch outfit! I paired it with my favorite American Apparel canvas bag.

My dad and brother were feeling hungry so they ordered a ham, spinach, and Gruyere cheese sandwich

Jealous of my mum's brunch! She chose a squid-ink sandwich with Serano ham, smoked salmon and arugula. Squid ink is definitely a new ingredient for many, but it tastes so good :-)

I just ordered Tiong Bahru Bakery's signature croissant, along with hot chocolate

"It's too cool so maybe I'll just stare at it and pretend I'm drinking hot chocolate" - little brother

Featured: BooksActually
Definitely the coolest independent bookstore I've ever been to, tied with Woods in the Books. Their facade is decorated with an ornate decal of a tree growing books, and signs advertising a storewide sale. 

Stepping inside felt like walking to a candy store as a little kid; the entire store was decked out in towers of books, precariously stacked in some areas. They sold the cutest totes, vintage comic books and posters, and little poems were hung around for readers to enjoy and contemplate over.

I was particularly interested in their magazine section, for it was definitely well-stocked. While great magazines like Oyster and RUSSH aren't available here in Singapore, the owners of BooksActually certainly have great taste, and they still had a wide selection of fashion, lifestyle and travel magazines featured in their store.

Yay new magazine! Frankie's 60th edition huzzzah
Featured: Strangelets
The name says it all! This neighbouring store sells a collection of cool bits and bobs, and it gives you that impression of a market (sadly, Singapore has very few of those, if any at all)

We weren't planning on stopping by, but we decided to give it a look because the items on display were too cute to resist.
Maybe it's a girl thing, maybe it's a Justine thing, but I have this special place in my heart for cute packaging. 

Upon seeing these little wooden toys, I almost began aggressively wishing to become a kid again, because lOOK AT THEM AW

I was obsessed with this white tea candle by True Grace, but unfortunately, I am merely a teenager who does not set aside $59 from her budget to buy candles. Maybe next time?

Not my kind of shoe, but they just looked cool to photograph, so here it is!
Photo Entitled: Shoes That Looked Cool to Photograph 

Photo Entitled: Shoes That Looked Cool to Photograph - Part 2

'Twas a long and hard day walking around 32º weather, so my brother and I treated ourselves to some popsicles by Popaganda! They're known for their quirky selection of flavors, and today my brother went for Mango Coconut and I got Straight Up Raspberry.

 If you're familiar with my blog and have read my previous posts, you might have observed my habits and how all my activities seem to include food and I will tell you now, you are correct. However, I will try and include a wider variety of posts in the future! There are some upcoming sales so I'll be adding more clothes to my wardrobe, and I'll be including more style focus posts and monthly playlists as well. 

If you have any other suggestions, please comment below!

Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming week!

Today's Outfit

Muji Striped Top

Zara Mint Skinnies with Zip Detailing
Pull and Bear Leather Sandals
American Apparel Canvas Tote
Midi Rings (Brand Unknown)

- Justine

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